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We are The Mage Tower

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Dark Angel

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Hail and fair met
Guest welcome to the home of The "Legendary" Mage Tower est. 1997

The Mage Tower is an Ultima Online Legacy Guild that dates back to 1997.  We are a very close group of people that enjoy the PvM aspect of Ultima Online. Although we are a PvM guild we do Fel Champspawns on a regular basis.  So with that said take a look at our site and visit our forums, and if you think The Mage Tower is the guild for you follow the the link below.

               How to join The Mage Tower
                   New Members click here

Hunts of The Tower

Some Peerless Fun
Nephthys host the first  Mage Tower Key Exchange Scavenger Hunt. The hunt started at a well done maze house that threw most of use for a loop. Inside the house was 10 ship keys that were parked off shore through out the seas of Sosaria. Once members found all the keys they were to recall to the ships grab a item and recall back to the MT Guild house and trade keys with other members. The first person (Ivan) to return with all 10 items won the grand prize of 1,000,000 GP. All in all very good job by Nephthys and all the came out.


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